With infinite gizmos available for the great outdoors, narrowing in on a quality selection for the active adventurer in your life can be harder than finding kindling on a wet night in the High Sierra. As a Yosemite backpacking guide and all-around outdoorsman in any season, I spent the bulk of 2021 testing gear in rugged places—and have narrowed in on some products bound to appease anyone with an active, outdoor lifestyle. Ideal for weekend car-camping warriors, fair-weather athletes, and deep-country survivalists alike, these gift ideas for the outdoors lover in your life are bound to please.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Outdoors Lover in Your Life

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1. Ombraz Armless Sunglasses

Ombraz’s armless sunglasses are a game-changer for outdoorsmen and action sports enthusiasts seeking shade in active scenarios. Where normal sunglasses fall off or break under pressure, Ombraz stay balanced on your nose while securely and comfortably slung around your noggin with a marine-grade cord. They don’t need to be tight to stay on and they’re lighter than normal shades, making them ridiculously comfortable. Paired with scratch-resistant lenses, the frames are hard to break. You can stuff them in your pocket without issue or hang around your neck without concern. I wear mine rock climbing, trail running, and snowboarding, and take them with me on every backpacking trip. Try a pair and you’ll be equally convinced, armless sunglasses are the future, and Ombraz is leading the charge.

[$140; ombraz.com]

Turtlebox PortableSpeaker

Turtlebox PortableSpeaker
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2. Turtlebox PortableSpeaker

Turtlebox is the most beastly, rugged, and reliable portable speaker on the market today. It’s totally waterproof (I’ve fully submerged mine with no issue), it connects smoothly and quickly to multiple bluetooth devices, and its lithium ion battery lasts all day without fail. Sound-wise, the Turtlebox is more comparable to a home stereo system than a 6×9″ portable speaker—pumping outstanding bass and crispness while cutting through ambient outdoor noises. The package isn’t light or tiny, so if you’re looking for a backpacking speaker this isn’t the call. But for car-camping, fishing, cabin chilling, or a beach day, the Turtlebox never lets me down.

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