The gold medal for the longest dinosaur in the world might go to the aptly named Supersaurus, now that scientists have fixed a fossil mix-up and analyzed new bones excavated from the long-necked dinosaur’s final resting spot. 


Like other exceedingly long dinosaurs, Supersaurus is a diplodocid – a long-necked sauropod whose whip-like tail went on for days. 

Supersaurus has always been viewed as one of longest dinosaurs, but research now shows that “this is the longest dinosaur based on a decent skeleton,” as other dinosaur remains are fragmentary, and it’s challenging to accurately estimate their lengths, Brian Curtice, a paleontologist at the Arizona Museum of Natural History who is spearheading the research, told Live Science.

Supersaurus reached at least 128 feet (39 meters) in length. (Sean Fox/Fossil Crates)

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