What I’d say is this there are some people who are threatening me. threatening my family. They are essentially attacking the safety of my family.

Let me be really clear and the message is, I will not be deterred from the work I’m doing to keep every family safe. That’s the work that I’ve been given to do. That’s the job that we have to do.

So there are some out there who are making threats against me and Catherine and the kids. That’s not my focus. My focus is keeping every single Victorian family safe, and I wouldn’t want that the appalling, the disgusting, and the potentially criminal behaviour of a small number of people to detract away from the amazing job that so many Victorians have done.

It is so unfair for a small, ugly mob to be taking attention away from the more than 90% of Victorians who have had a first dose and will soon have had a second dose. That’s where our focus should be. I’m proud of those Victorians and I’m deeply grateful to those Victorians.

Debate is fine. This disagreement is fine, that is a part of our system. What we have seen in recent days and weeks is not fine. It is awful. But it does not speak to the values the views and conduct of the vast vast majority of Victorians.

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