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The pandemic brought rare, scary challenges for parents, but also a gift: You got to spend more quality time with your kids. Part of that probably entailed homeschooling, but hopefully it also involved getting outside more. Childhood can be driven by technology nowadays, but one brand is helping parents engage their children in more active pursuits: STACYC (a neologism of stabile and cycle).

It’s a bike company. We know, you’re probably wondering, “So what?” Well, the M.O. is unique from your run-of-the-mill pedal-less bikes for kids. The brand doesn’t just shrink adult bikes down to scale for a 3- or 7-year-old. STACYC adds an electric motor.

You’re likely part of a massive wave of adults who got back into biking or jumped directly into e-biking in the midst of the pandemic. The outdoors became your gym—your slice of sanity in a world turned upside down. Well, your kid needs that, too.  And with a STACYC bike, your kid won’t have a problem keeping up since there are three powered modes to graduate to from non-powered.

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Electric: It’s different for kids

E-bikes give you that effortless superhuman ability to climb hills with ease or just show up to the office without being a sweaty mess. But that electric component is unique for tykes. STACYC ups the ante on push bikes, where kids learn to master balance on what’s essentially a wheeled two-by-four. To transition into the next phase of control, STACYC bikes let tykes hone their balance at a faster speed without having to pedal.

Don’t worry, they won’t go rocketing down your driveway or sidewalk. There’s a learning mode, so they won’t go faster than you control. It simply lets your child progress faster. They gain the skills and confidence to go from being towed behind your bike in a trailer to a balance bike to the independence of an electric balance bike.

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