Coronavirus stay: WHO consultants to revive virus origins inquiry; UK Covid state of affairs ‘fairly secure’, says well being secretary | World information



Yes, of course I’m sorry. Obviously I am new in the role but on behalf of the government I am sorry for, during the pandemic, anyone that suffered, especially anyone that lost a loved one, a mother, a dad, a brother, a sister, a friend. Of course I am sorry for that.

Also all those people that may not have lost someone but they are still suffering – there are many people sadly suffering from long Covid, we still don’t know the impact of that. Of course I am.

There will be lessons to learn from this pandemic for this Government, for governments across the world, there will be lessons. It is important that is done. There is going to be a public inquiry and I think that is the best place to learn these lessons.

But if you are asking me if I am sorry, then of course I am.