‘No Time to Die’ Filming Places You Can Go to



There are certain things you expect to see in every James Bond movie: cool gadgets, car chases, and beautiful women. Y’know what else? Spectacular scenery. From the limestone rock formations of Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay (The Man With the Golden Gun) to a mountaintop monastery in Greece (For Your Eyes Only), the filming locations are as unforgettable as the fight scenes. The same holds true with No Time to Die filming locations. As you can see, the Bond movie tradition of amazing backdrops is still going strong.

Here are all the filming locations you’ll see in the upcoming Bond flick No Time to Die.

An aerial view of Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio, Jamaica.
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1. Port Antonio, Jamaica

For No Time to Die, an oceanfront cottage was built for James Bond in Port Antonio. Jamaica plays a special role in the Bond series. It stood in for the fictional Crab Key when Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) and her white bikini emerged from the water in Dr. No, one of the series most iconic scenes. Jamaica is also where Ian Fleming wrote all 14 of the Bond books—at his GoldenEye estate.

Sunrise over the town of Matera, Italy.

Sunrise over the town of Matera, Italy.

2. Matera, Italy

When you think of Italy, you think of ancient history. After all, Rome is almost 3,000 years old. But if you go south, the city of Matera is really ancient. Located where Italy’s heel meets its boot, Matera has been around for about 9,000 years. In fact, in this UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll also find churches, homes, and hotel rooms carved out of rock.